"...The practice of yoga helps anyone gain good health, mental peace, emotional equanimity and intellectual clarity..." B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga relaxes, rejuvenates and energizes the body while also bringing the body and mind into a harmonious union.Lessons are held in the Babaji Yoga Studio set in a beautiful and peaceful garden.

The yoga studio is quiet, tranquil and spacious with air conditioning during the sweltering summer months.
Lessons cater to both beginners and more advanced students of all ages and fitness levels. 
Numbers are limited to ensure a safe, controlled environment with personalized attention. One hour is spent on the asanas/poses, developing strength and flexibility.
This is followed by pranayama (breathing) to develop elasticity and control in the lungs and to calm the mind and body. (excellent for helping those suffering with stress, anxiety or depression or for our general wellbeing.)
The class finishes with meditation or guided relaxation allowing you to assimilate the full benefit from the pranayama and to fully relax body and mind.
We also offer specialized classes such as yoga for seniors and restorative yoga.

Private lessons are adapted to suit the level and personal requirements of clients.

Workshops and healing days are held on a regular basis

*Yoga is not a religion but the steady practice of yoga will arouse the inner spiritual forces and bring in spiritual light, happiness and peace of mind.

"... To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear..." Buddha

Anne is registered as an experienced yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance USA, the only internationally recognized yoga organization.

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